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Bo Hullux

Bo Hullux

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Bo Hullux, Pirate extraordinaire. Some say he was crafted and infused with magical powers. Others say he learned how to tame and work with the nasty creatures that live in the depths of the seas, and others say he sold whatever approximated for a robots soul for power. Whatever the truth may be, he always seems to slip away from the long arm of the law with no more than a scratch on his salt encrusted plating.

This model is available in a 32mm scale for tabletop gaming, a 75mm display for painting and display, or a 150mm scale for painting and display.

All pictures are renders and not actual photos of the model. Actual color and size may vary. This model may come in pieces and require assembly. We will clean it of supports and blemishes caused by them as best we can.

This is not meant for children! It may contain small parts and poses a possible choking hazard.

We here at Badgering Bird are happy to be licensed sellers of Secret Forge models, and if you'd like to see more of their work or even support them over at myminifactory,

Materials: UV Cured Resin.

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