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Powerful, Intelligent, Loving creatures, capable of so many wonderful things, and also capable of tearing a poor group of adventurers limb from limb if they wander too close.

Actual color and size may vary. This model will come in pieces and require assembly ( super glue recommended). We will clean it of supports and blemishes caused by them as best we can.

Each model comes with its own keyed base. These models come on an 80mm or approx. 3 inch base, if you would like them bigger or smaller, please contact us before making the order.

We do NOT offer a painting service, the painted model is just there as an example of what it could look like (yours will probably look even better, we're not professional painters here) . All of the other photos are renders.

If you order a whole pack, you will receive: 1 of each of that style of model in that pack selection. Either natural or armored. 3 models total, either non primed, or in your selection of primer.
If you order the One of each please! selection, you will get exactly that. One of every style, natural and armored. 6 total models, either non primed, or in your selection of primer.

This is not meant for children! It may contain small parts and poses a possible choking hazard.

We here at Badgering Bird are happy to be licensed sellers of The Dragon Trappers Lodge models, and if you'd like to see more of their work or even support them, please visit

Materials: UV Cured Resin.

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