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Vhok Ironfist

Vhok Ironfist

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Vhok was raised in a monastery, but that never softened her spirit. Her last true calling came when her master died, as he told her to follow the path her destiny has chosen. Vhok knew Fade was her queue the moment he entered the tavern and asked for volunteers to go on a rescue mission with him. She asked for an arm wrestling match as a challenge to prove his worth. No questions were left after the sorcerer beat the monk: she knew this was a cause worth fighting for.

This model is available in a 32mm scale model, a 75mm scale model or a Bust. That's scale, not actual size. Actual color and size may vary. This model may come in pieces and require assembly. We will clean it of supports and blemishes caused by them as best we can.

Pictured is the 32mm scale version. Zenithally Primed.

This is not meant for children! It may contain small parts and poses a possible choking hazard.

We here at Badgering Bird are happy to be licensed sellers of STLFLIX, and their associate designers Cripta Studios.

Materials: UV Cured Resin.

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