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Yavanna Siannodel

Yavanna Siannodel

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Charachter Sheet

Yavanna Siannodel met the undergrounds before meeting the sunlight. From the beginning she knew she was different from the others of her kind because although being taught the races that walked the surface were nothing but mere creatures to be enslaved, she grew curious to feel the sun. They would bring every sort of light-skinned races as prisioners and slaves, but Yavanna would often try to talk to them and understand what their life was like up there.

One day, a man was brought in and, when Yavanna approached him, he told her he could feel the magic flowing through her and her scaled skin meant she was supposed to be up in the skies and not down in the tunnels. Quietly, she freed the man and fled the underground city, leaving all her past of cruelty behind and walking towards a future where she could learn about her roots and where she truly belonged.

All pictures are renders and not actual photos of the model. Actual color and size may vary. This model may come in pieces and require assembly. We will clean it of supports and blemishes caused by them as best we can.

This is not meant for children! It may contain small parts and poses a possible choking hazard.

We here at Badgering Bird are happy to be licensed sellers of STLFLIX, and their associate designers. This model was designed by Salessi.Sculpt, and Rhadog

Materials: UV Cured Resin.

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